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Children's Services

The Children’s Department of the Ventress Memorial Library serves children ages 0-12, as well as caregivers and teachers.  Our resources and programs serve to encourage literacy, spark creativity, and instill a love of lifelong learning. 

Come in today to find out more information on our programs, grab a calendar or brochure, and take a look around. Feel free to contact the library for updates on events and programs.

All programs are free of charge.


Download our February calendar here.

Download our January calendar here.


Things To Do In The Kids Room

Image of the early literacy area of the children's room: purple couches, puppet theatre, train table, and many books.

  • Read books and magazines in the library (or find some to take home!)
  • Do your homework!
  • Draw a picture at our coloring station
  • Do a simple wooden puzzle
  • Enjoy our Early Literacy Area, which includes:
    • a puppet theatre
    • a LEGO table
    • a wooden train table
  • Showcase your collection: ask at the children's desk to fill out a form today!
  • Use our child-sized children's bathroom--complete with a changing station! The children's bathroom is located inside the children's room--to access it, you can walk straight to the window, then turn left at the biography section.