Library Services to Homebound Residents

We deliver books and other library materials (audio books, magazines, and DVDs) to residents who are not able to come to the library in person.

What is the Homebound Delivery Program?

  • The Homebound Delivery Program is a service offered by the Ventress Memorial Library to deliver materials to Marshfield residents of all ages who are unable to travel to the library.

Who is eligible to receive this service?

  • The service is intended to serve people who are unable to travel to the library for any reason. This includes people with permanent or temporary disabilities or health problems, people who are unable to get out because of transportation issues, and people who are confined to their own home.

Who will bring the books to my home?

  • Books and other library materials will be brought to your home by a library staff member or volunteer.

How will the volunteer know what I want?

  • The Home Delivery Service Form includes a section on your interests to aid in the selection of materials. The program coordinator will contact you to discuss the types of library resources you desire. You can request specific titles or make more general requests (i.e. mysteries or documentaries). We will also be happy to make suggestions for you.

Can I take out DVDs, magazines, and audiobooks?

  • Yes, we will bring you any materials that you would be able to borrow if you were physically present at the library.

How do I sign up for this service?