The library will be closed on Monday, May 29th for the Memorial Day holiday. We will reopen our regular hours on Tuesday, May 30th.

Ventress Memorial Library

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Ventress Memorial Library

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Trustees Bylaws

Ventress Memorial Library

Trustee Bylaws


Article I:        Name and Purpose


The Library shall be known as the Ventress Memorial Library. Its purpose shall be to operate and maintain a public library in the Town of Marshfield.


Article II:       Trustees


Section 1. Trustees. The Board of Trustees of the Ventress Memorial Library shall constitute seven members. Each Trustee shall serve a three-year term of office without compensation.  The term of office of two Trustees will expire each year.


Section 2. Resignations. Any trustee may resign by written notice filed with the Chairman, and the Board of Selectmen of the Town of Marshfield. The Selectmen and the Board of Trustees of the Ventress Memorial Library shall fill any vacancies of a term.


Section 3. Attendance. Any Trustee who cannot attend scheduled meetings shall give a minimum of 3 hour’s notice in advance to the Library Director. Three consecutive absences, without prior notification, will be interpreted as a resignation of that member effective immediately.  


Section 4. Vacancy.  A Trustee vacancy may be filled by a joint majority vote of the Board of Trustees and the Board of Selectmen.


Article III:     Officers and Duties


Section 1. Officers. The officers of the Board of Trustees shall be a Chairman, a Vice Chairman, and a Treasurer.


Section 2. Chairman.

a.         Elected every year by the Board of Trustees.  

b.         Preside at all meeting of the Board of Trustees.  

c.          Appoint committee’s chairs and sub-committees as necessary

d.         Represent and speak for the Library to other Town Boards and Committees and may appoint another Trustee as his her representative

e.         Serves as President and co-signatory to the Friends of the Library    Trust

f.          Perform such duties as the Board of Trustees may from time to time     designate.


Section 3. Vice Chairman.

  1. Elected every year by the Board of Trustees
  2. The Vice Chairman shall serve as a Chairman in the absence or incapacity of the Chairman
  3. Other duties as assigned by the Chairman and shall perform such duties as the Board of Trustees may from time to time designate


Section 4. Treasurer.

  1. Responsible for the oversight and expenditure of all funds
  2. The treasurer shall report the financial condition of the Ventress Memorial Library.


Article IV:      Meetings


Section 1. Regular. The regular meeting of the Board of Trustees shall generally be held on a monthly basis, the date to be at the discretion of the Board-most often the third Wednesday of each month. There will not be meetings in July and December


Section 2. Annual. The annual meeting of the Board of Trustees shall be held in May for the purpose of election of officers and other transitional business.


Section 2. Quorum. At all meetings of the Board of Trustees, four members shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of business.


Section 3. Notice. A public notice of meeting will be made 48 hours in advance with an agenda on the Town of Marshfield website and include time, date, and place of the meeting as well as agenda by the Library Director.


Section 4. Minutes. Minutes of all meeting shall indicate Board members present, excused members, non-excused members, quorum status, all items of business, all motions and the results of all votes taken. Minutes shall be taken by a non-board member appointed by the Chairman.


Article V:       Duties


Section 1. Annual Report. An Annual Report of the progress and functions of the Ventress memorial Library shall be presented to the Selectmen of the Town of Marshfield at the time designated by the Board of Selectmen.


Section 2. Annual budget. The Board of Trustees shall draw up and present to the Town of Marshfield an Annual budget for the maintenance and proposed of the Ventress Memorial Library.


Section 3. General Supervision. The Trustees shall have general supervision of the care and maintenance of all properties of the Ventress Memorial Library and shall have general supervisor and the operation of the Library and employees, and shall regulate use and management of the Library.


Section 4. The Board of Trustees, with accordance of state and federal law, has the power and duty to determine rules, policies and regulations governing the library operations and services. The Board will develop necessary policies, use of electron resources, meeting room usage, confidentiality of patron records and circulation with recommendations of the Library Director. The rules, policies and regulations shall be easily understood, promote a constructive and positive image for the Library and, be fair and respectful of individual rights and consistent with the Library’s objectives and goals. The Board will be the final authority on questions regarding Library polices, rules and regulations. The Board shall review all policies, rules and regulations on a two year cycle.


Article VI:      Library Committees


The Trustees shall appoint such committees, as they deem necessary for the welfare and purposes of the Ventress Memorial Library.


Article VII:    Library Director


Section 1. Appointment. The Board of Trustees shall appoint the Library Director. All other full time employees shall be nominated by the Library Director for the affirmation by the Board and in agreement with the terms set by the By-Laws of the Town of Marshfield.


Section 2. Powers. The Library director, under the supervision of the Board of Trustees, shall have immediate charge and supervision of the Library building and all persons employed therein, and shall be held responsible for the care and preservation of the books and other property belonging to the Library. The Library Director shall enforce the policies adopted by the Trustees.


Article VIII:   Amendments


These By-Laws may be amended or repealed at any annual , regular or special meeting of the Board of Trustees by a two thirds (2/3) majority vote of the Trustees; notice of the proposed changes having been given to the members in the call for the meeting, two weeks in advance.

Library Trustees

Ventress Memorial Library Board of Trustees


Gregory Caille                6/30/2024

Wallace Coyle                6/30/2023

Greg Guimond                6/30/2022      Chairperson

Michelle Noonan             6/30/2022      Vice-Chairperson

Dana Forsythe                6/30/2023

Dylan White                     6/30/2024

Robert Marzelli                6/30/2024

The Trustees meet on the third Wednesday of the month at 4 p.m.