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Are you interested in practicing and improving your English?

Our ESL (English as a Second Language) program is always accepting new students for one-on-one tutoring. Our tutors are local volunteers, and these sessions are absolutely free to participants. Tutoring sessions are held at the library during the hours that we are open and are open to students aged 18+ who are looking to learn or practice English.

Become a Student

To join the program, please visit the library and ask for an ESL student application at the Check Out desk. Library staff will send your application to Amy Hamilton, the Adult Literacy Coordinator. Amy will contact you to schedule tutoring sessions.

Resources for Students

Transparent Language for Libraries

  • Free online courses in English and other languages
  • The first time you visit the website, click "Sign Up" to create an account

USA Learns

  • Free online English lessons
  • Free online U.S. Citizenship course

Breaking News English

  • Current news stories in different difficulty levels of English
  • Free English lessons based on news stories

Contact Us

Amy Hamilton
Adult Literacy Coordinator